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Healthy poultries lay delicious eggs, and you get healthy poultries from high quality chicken feed. While you can buy a huge bag of random food down at your local farm resource shop, you won't have any idea if it's right for your brood or otherwise. Discovering the right food with the correct nutritional balance is critical, but the experts at JD Redhouse & Company in 212 S Main St are here to aid you find the best food for your coop. Chickens are somewhat omnivorous and voraciously opportunistic. They'll eat anything from grain to insects, and even animal products relying on how little the pieces are. Additionally, they call for a varied variety of nutrients in order to not only lay eggs but lay eggs that are nutritionally thick. Chick starter and grower feed- These feeds are packed with calories - especially from healthy protein - to assist your chicks grow rapidly, bolstering their immune systems and boosting their general health. Grower feed is important for good weight and fast growth for robust, healthy poultries. Layer feed- Perfectly stabilized for healthy hens laying eggs on a routine basis, layer feed has a various dietary structure that includes more calcium to stimulate proper egg creation in newly laying chickens. Flock raiser- This feed offers well balanced nutrition when you have a combined flock of chickens. Flock raiser feeds wonderful, basic nutrition to all manner of poultries without the enhanced micronutrient profiles of the other types of feed. Simply put, it's just much easier to use and still gives wonderful nutrition. Crumble and pellets- Chickens have a tendency to favor little pellets and crumble to bigger pieces of food - they're simply much easier to consume! Crumble is commonly the primary presentation of flock raiser food, as it's easy for chicks and chickens alike to consume and digest. Shell grit- Included in layer feed, shell grit has 2 functions - one, it aids the gizzard break down food effectively, and 2, it includes added calcium to your chicken's diet. Calcium is needed for appropriate nutrition no matter, but it's particularly important for egg-laying chickens. Corn- Cracked corn isn't a great feed - it's calorie-dense but not big on nutrition. Regardless, it's a nice treat for your poultries, it's considerably inexpensive and in a pinch, it can be used to feed your poultries if you've got nothing else accessible. If you've got chicken questions, we've got the solutions- At JD Redhouse & Company, we know birds. It's our pleasure to serve the CA area, and with years of know-how and dedication to raising healthy chicken, you can trust us to provide the most effective items for your flock. Give us a call at (707) 459-1214 or come see us at our store and let us assist you feed your birds the perfect food for their demands.

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