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Equines like to play too! At JD Redhouse & Company in Willits California, you can find several sorts of toys that your horse will appreciate playing with all day. Unlike what many individuals think, horses do get tired when they do not have anything to do. Equines need toys they can maneuver with their feet and mouths. Just like human babies, horses like to shake, roll, chew, and just move things around. At JD Redhouse & Company, all of the horse toys they offer are durable and built to last. All of the toys, the market are made from quality materials and are designed to ensure that your horse can play for hours and not get tired!

Play balls are among the most preferred horse toys that JD Redhouse & Company has to offer. The balls can be found in several sizes but are all large enough to prevent your horse or pony from stepping on them. Equines can scoot, kick, push, and maneuver from one place to another. Equines will pass a ball to one another and hang out just enjoying themselves. Each ball is produced using thick products that withstand punctures from being grabbed or from getting too near to tree limbs or other things. Some balls are designed with openings or open areas where you can put treats like carrots or small amounts of hay or hay cubes. The more your horse plays and moves the ball around, the more treats they will receive.

JD Redhouse & Company also offers a range of chew toys and 'pacifiers' to fit horses who like to chew on the wood in their stalls or enclosures. Chew toys and pacifiers are offered that will satisfy your horse's requirement to chew and at the same time protect the wood in their stalls and pens. Chew toys are made from incredibly tough products that will not break come apart. Pacifiers are designed to be the best shape to suit your horse's mouth without becoming a hazard.

Regardless of what type of horse toy you are seeking, you can always visit JD Redhouse & Company in Willits, California Call (707) 459-1214 and speak with one of the employees available if you have concerns on what is offered or to merely ask what most horses like to have fun with. Your horse doesn't have to be tired! Enliven their life with a few toys and enjoy how active they become! Purchase 2 or three to ensure that your horse has something different to have fun with. Maintain life fascinating and spend a few minutes playing with them daily.

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